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Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit, and independent center with a primary focus on research and analysis of the international law pertaining to Kurdistan’s communities. the KCIL combines advocacy with legal analysis to protect, promote and fulfill the fundamental principles of International Human Rights law, International Humanitarian Law, and International Criminal Law in Kurdistan. The KCIL focuses on the study of law, conflict, peace strategies, survey and policy brief, KCIL aims to combine the theoretical and practical expertise of leading academics and policy-makers to deliver strategic projects.

The Center will try to achieve its goals under the light of fundamental principles of international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, such as:

1. Protect, promote, and fulfill the principles of international human rights law, with regarding universal declaration of human rights, the core international human rights instruments and other conventions for the rights of ethnic and religious minorities.
2- Implementing the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law during military conflicts, with regarding the four Geneva conventions, convention for the protection of cultural property, convention on the prohibition of the biological and toxic weapons, convention on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons, as well as their additional protocols.
3- Achieving justice under the principles of international criminal law, in particular the Rome Statute for the victims and perpetrators of genocides, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crime of aggression.