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Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) is an academic Kurdish-German, non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit, and independent center with a primary focus on research and analysis of the international law pertaining to Kurdistan’s communities. We combine advocacy with legal analysis to protect, promote and fulfill the fundamental principles of International Human Rights law, International Humanitarian Law, and International Criminal Law in Kurdistan. 

In recent history, the fundamental principles of the international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international criminal law have been violated against the people of Kurdistan, from world's most heinous crimes such as genocide, Anfal campaign, chemical weapons attack to brutal repression, denial of their rights to citizenship, ethnic cleansing, mass displacement, continuous military adventurism and destruction of their livelihood, from depriving them from political, civil, cultural, economic and social rights, prohibition their language and their national events to emerging ISIS and their barbaric actions against the Yazidi community and other minorities.

The KCIL endeavors to protect, promote the fundamental principles of human rights, humanitarian law, and international criminal law within Kurdistan communities.


Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) is an interdisciplinary research center, which focuses on the study of law, conflict, peace strategies, survey and policy brief. KCIL aims to combine the theoretical and practical expertise of leading academics and policy-makers to deliver the Kurdistan Region’s foremost strategic studies. It also aims to develop the analytical frameworks that KRG might need to tackle regional and global strategic and security challenges.