Children’s Rights in the Child Justice System

Year: 2023
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The general comment No 24, which the KCIL in cooperation with Ifa via FFO fund, translated into Kurdish language, It reflects the developments of the promulgation of international and regional standards, the Committee’s jurisprudence, new knowledge about child and adolescent development, and evidence of effective practices, including those relating to restorative justice.

It also reflects concerns such as the trends relating to the minimum age of criminal responsibility and the persistent use of deprivation of liberty. The general comment covers specific issues, such as issues relating to children recruited and used by non-State armed groups, including those designated as terrorist groups, and children in customary, indigenous or other non-State justice systems.

The objectives and scope of the present general comment are; to provide a contemporary consideration of the relevant articles and principles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to guide States towards a holistic implementation of child justice systems that promote and protect children’s rights, as well as to reiterate the importance of prevention and early intervention, and of protecting children’s rights at all stages of the system, and setting an appropriate minimum age of criminal responsibility and ensuring the appropriate treatment of children on either side of that age.