Towards Domesticating International Criminal Law in KRI

Towards Domesticating International Criminal Law initiative was launched by the Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) which is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office's fund via ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).

This project aimed at sensitizing the key actors in KRI's judicial and legislative institutions with new international criminal law concepts through training courses and public awareness raising on international criminal law.

The project will be implemented in Erbil, Slemani, Duhok and Halahje, in close collaboration with local authorities and working directly with the members of parliament, judges, prosecutors, experts, and representatives of Kurdistan's ethnic diversities, for establishing a foundation of international criminal law, KCIL provides the stakeholders with support for international criminal law through local and international academics. KCIL's priority at this stage of the project is to prepare and enhance the capacity of key actors in the judicial and legislative institutions, as well as to train specialists and raise public awareness of international criminal law concepts in KRI.