The KCIL Held four Sessions on Domesticating ICL in KRI

The KCIL held four sessions in Sulaimanya, Halabja, Erbil, and Duhok the sessions were a follow-up activity to the training that the KCIL conducted in Germany at the university of Erlangen. The aim of the sessions was to capacitate and raise awareness about the importance of domesticating International criminal law. The participants of the sessions included judges, lawyers, academics, human rights defenders, law students, and representatives from civil society organizations, such as DHRD, CPT, SEED, ICRC, Heartland, Being Free, and IOL.

The sessions were open discussions about the topics of domesticating international criminal law, the future of international criminal justice, international criminal court, international crimes, the importance of domesticating international criminal law in the KRI, and the needed mechanisms to do so.
This project is conducted by the KCIL in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Offices fund via Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA)