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KCIL conducts a workshop on ICL for legal advisors in Kurdistan Parliament

Erbil, Kurdistan - May 21, 2023 - The Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL), in collaboration with the German Federal Foreign Office’s funds through ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), successfully organized a comprehensive introductory workshop for legal advisors and parliamentarians of the Kurdistan Parliament.

The workshop aimed to enlighten participants on the criticality of integrating international criminal law into the domestic legislative system, thereby laying the groundwork for the domestication of international criminal law in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The workshop commenced with a warm welcome from Executive Director of KCIL. In his opening remarks, Mr. Hawre provided an overview of the center’s accomplishments and activities throughout the year, setting a positive and stimulating atmosphere for the participants.  Renowned legal expert Dr. Gurgen Petrosian played a pivotal role as the lead trainer for this section of the workshop. Introducing himself with enthusiasm, Dr. Petrosian acknowledged the presence of ten distinguished consultants who eagerly attended the workshop. Each participant shared their distinctive perspectives and expectations, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge and insights. Throughout the duration of the workshop, various essential topics were thoroughly examined. These included Iraq’s unwavering commitment to the principles of the Rome Statute, the potential for domesticating international criminal law to address past events, and the crucial significance of establishing a dedicated regional court for Kurdistan. Testimonies from two passionate Yazidi participants deeply underscored the urgent need to recognize crimes against the Yazidi community as acts of genocide. 

Eventually, Dr. Petrosian, addressing the participants’ queries, provided astute and enlightening responses. The workshop agenda encompassed a wide range of topics, such as an overview of the International Criminal Court, the principles of complementarity and international instruments, the German legal system, and the distinction between ordinary crimes and international crimes. Additionally, a comparative analysis was conducted, drawing parallels between the Treaty of Rome and the German legal framework.