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KCIL conducts a two-day workshop on IHL for commanders of the ministry of Peshmarga

Sulaymaniyah, May 23 and 24, 2023,  The Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) organized a comprehensive two-day introductory workshop, exclusively designed for commanders and officers of the Ministry of Peshmerga. Supported by the German Federal Foreign Office's funds through ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), the workshop aimed to enhance participants' understanding of international law and its relevance to their roles in maintaining security and upholding justice. Distinguished trainers, Dr. Gurgen Petrossian, Dr. Ebad Rouhi, and Dr. Awara Hussein, delivered insightful lectures on crucial topics. Dr. Gurgen Petrossian covered the introduction and importance of international law, focusing on individual criminal responsibility. Dr. Ebad Rouhi discussed the features of war crimes and the responsibility of commanders and other superiors. Dr. Awara Hussein explored the complexities of armed conflict and the elements of war crimes.

Throughout the course, participants actively engaged with thought-provoking questions and discussions, addressing key inquiries and notes. One crucial topic of discussion was proving the indirect perpetration of a crime and prosecuting individuals in such cases. The workshop emphasised the distinction between substantial evidence, which holds weight in both domestic and international criminal courts, and insubstantial evidence, which may not be sufficient for conviction. Attendees also explored the concept of moral choice and its evaluation when a subordinate goes against orders based on their moral judgement. They delved into the differences between symbolic trials and fair trials, understanding the importance of due process and justice in legal proceedings. The workshop also highlighted the contrasting procedures followed in the prosecution of low-ranking commanders and high-ranking commanders, taking into account their varying responsibilities and implications.