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KCIL and the Stefanos International Alliance organized a seminar on FoRB

KCIL and the Stefanos International Alliance organized a seminar on Women's rights and Freedom of Expression in the context of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB). It took place at the Azadbun Organization hall.
Many important people attended, including representatives from different religious groups like Muslims, Bahaae's, Kakay's, Zardashty's, and Christians. There were also religious scholars and legal experts. Mr. Edwar Brown, a notable figure, was there too.
The seminar discussed topics related to freedom of religion and belief in the Kurdistan region and how to combat hateful speech in extremist groups. The seminar was led by Mr. Edward Brown, who discussed real-life cases and highlighted the importance of the topic. They explored the intersection of two crucial rights: freedom of religion or belief and women's rights. It was clear that while freedom of religion or belief is essential, it should not be used to treat women unfairly or limit their freedom to express themselves. They discussed how certain traditional or religious beliefs can hinder women from receiving a good education, pursuing good jobs, and achieving equality in society. Striking a balance between respecting people's beliefs and ensuring equal treatment for both men and women is vital.

Mr. Brown also emphasized the responsible use of freedom of expression in matters related to freedom of religion or belief. This means refraining from promoting hatred, violence, or unfair treatment of women or minority groups. To make the seminar more engaging, they presented real-life scenarios and case studies. These practical examples illustrated the challenges individuals and society face when trying to reconcile freedom of expression with freedom of religion and belief. By examining these cases, participants gained a better understanding of how human rights laws work in practice. In simpler terms, the seminar provided an important platform for people from diverse backgrounds to exchange views on the status of women's religious freedom. It allowed them to share their thoughts and experiences and foster a sense of belonging to a larger group. Through collaboration, the seminar helped people grasp the numerous challenges and opportunities associated with women's religious freedom.