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Program on Achieving International Criminal Justice in KRI Concludes Successful Events

The Kurdistan Centre for International Law (KCIL) in collaboration with the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security, The Scottish Council on Global Affairs (SCGA), the University of Glasgow, and University of Lincoln organized a program on challenges, blockages, and opportunities for achieving international criminal justice in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).
The program brought together researchers from Scottish universities and a Kurdish academic institution to discuss crucial questions related to human rights, international law, and security in the KRI. It focused on developments in the region, including the displacement of Yezidi communities, victims of genocide and persecution, and detention camps of fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS). The speakers addressed the international criminal justice mechanisms, pathways, and networks aimed at providing accountability for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in the KRI and Iraq. They also highlighted the lack of capacities at the domestic level to provide accountability and realize victims’ rights, as well as the international response to enforce international criminal law.
Glasgow, Scotland, a diverse panel of experts convened to discuss the complex landscape of international justice in Iraq, two decades after the invasion. Chaired and moderated by Dr. Anni Pues, the panel featured Judge Rizgar and City Councillor Roza Salih, among other esteemed guests. Moreover, a profound and enlightening discussion was held on the subject of pathways to achieving international justice in the KRI.
The KCIL delegates had the privilege to meet with Ross Greer, Scottish MP from the Green Party at the Scottish Parliament, to discuss possible collaborations in support of human rights in Kurdistan Region. Additionally, they met with the Kurdish-Scottish diaspora in Glasgow to reflect on the changes that followed the fall of the previous regime in Iraq, two decades after the invasion.
The program's events concluded on April 28th with a meeting at Lincoln Law School with Judge Rizgar, the lead judge on Saddam Hussein's trial, and members of the KCIL. The meeting provided diverse perspectives on Iraq, the trial, and international law and human rights.
The program was successful in bringing together experts to discuss crucial issues facing the KRI and Iraq. The event demonstrated the importance of continuing to promote and support international criminal justice efforts in the region.