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The KCIL held two Workshops on Advancing Media Freedom in Erbil

The Kurdistan Center for International Law (KCIL) initiated a project for "Advancing Media Freedom", it focused on safeguarding journalists' rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This involved creating a manual on freedom of expression, with insights from domestic and law. The training sessions held in Erbil on December 21-22, 2023 for two groups of lawyer and  journalists, aimed at enhancing the legal understanding of lawyers and journalists concerning media laws, possible access to vital information in their practical careers, and preventing the misuse of communication tools and maintaining ethical standards in media coverage of events within the media outlets.

The program delved into international legal cases, aligning them with Kurdistan Region laws to improve participants' grasp of freedom of expression and journalists' rights in parallel with regional applicable laws and international standards of freedom of press and legal protection for journalists from unfair trail. Notably, the initiative extended beyond legal aspects, emphasizing the ethical dimensions of media law. Lawyers were encouraged to consider the social impact of their work, viewing the protection of media freedom as crucial for democratic societies.

This effort represents a significant stride in fostering a supportive environment for journalists and advancing freedom of expression. this project is implemented by the KCIL and funded by German Consulate in Erbil.